Akantha Smart Watch Gen. 2 0 Akantha Smart Watch Gen. 2 1
Dodano 2019-11-24 16:38
Koniec 2020-02-22 16:38
Both functional and glamorous, the Akantha Smart Watch has a full colour touch screen surrounded by crystal-style dial. Using Bluetooth® technology for call and text notifications, map and stopwatch functionalities, and to track sleep, calories and step count, it really does it all!

Plus, it comes packaged in a stylish ready-to-wrap gift box, making it the perfect present this Christmas.

• Call & text notifications
• Maps
• Sleep Monitor
• Stopwatch
• Step counter
• Calorie tracker

Product info:

• Bluetooth® touchscreen smart watch with plastic case back
• Stainless steel strap with removable links approx. 20.9-22.5cm
• Includes a rechargeable, non-replaceable lithium battery and charging cable
• 2-year warranty
• Packaged in a stylish gift box

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