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BRC Additive 150 ml for the protection and cleaning of LPG 0 BRC Additive 150 ml for the protection and cleaning of LPG 1 BRC Additive 150 ml for the protection and cleaning of LPG 2
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Dodano 2018-11-04 21:10
Koniec 2019-02-02 21:10
Specific additive for the protection and cleaning of the LPG feeding system.Formulated with innovative detergents and dispersing technologies to ensure perfect combustion , counteract the side effects produced by impurities of LPG that accomulates in the fuel system , ensuring optimum lubrificationin any sensitive component of the feeding system.Professional use.(1 bottle on offer)

The action of BRC ADDITIVE 150ml guarantees a good protection against corrosion and has a good compatibility with the materials. In fact, BRC ADDITIVE 150ml assists the elimination of any water traces of water inside the tank, thus protecting the whole feeding system against deposits and corrosion. Compatibility tests have been made with aluminum (7570 — T6, UNS A97075), bronze and high-density polyethylene after which the product has been considered suitable.

The product has been prepared by the laboratories so that it has a perfect compatibility and sol ubility with the liquefied Oil Gas. Further storage tests have pointed out a perfect mixing capacity of the product also in percentages of 25%. After one month storage no separation of the product from the combustible was found which appeared to be under the original conditions. The product increases the lubricant characteristics of the combustible in which it is solved. The detergent and dispersing properties are particularly useful in engines with a high amount of kilometers, where the use of the additive helps to remove the deposits from the feeding system. Moreover, as you can see from the test made on a Bosch engine test bench, the use of the additive enables you to get some more horse powers and to reach speeds that are more than 10 km/h higher, besides a more regular engine operation. This allows to further reduce LPG consumpion, with an estimated saving of 5-10% on cars with a mileage higher than 30.000 km.

Shake well before use. Put the rubber hood onto the loading point and press down for about 30 seconds, so that the spray can empties completely. Data for use: 5,5 bar @ 20° C - 11,80 bar @ 50° C Repeat the treatment every 10.000 km
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