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Dodano 2022-11-24 00:17
Koniec 2023-02-22 00:17
here is a list of few strains any you need will give you price includes
the delivery
charges .you go through and get back to me with what you need,,

cannabis oil .$39

30grams White Widow: $200

30g sour Diesel : $218

30g Bubba kush : $215

30grams Hawaii-Skunk:$200

30grams Hindu Kush: $219

30grams Super Silver Haze:$230

30grams OG Kush :$220

30grams Super Skunk :$200

30grams AK 47 :$213

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30grams Blueberry :$200

30grams Barry White Oil :$217

30 grams blue dream crystal :$210

30grams Dabber's Delight CBD Oil :$200

30 grams Dabber's Delight Indica: $230

30 grams Platinum Cookies Oil :$200

30grams Sativa Kush ;$220

30 grams Hindu Kush Wax : $210

30grams girls cookies ;$200

30 grams Royal Kush$225

30 grams Wax
Crumble : $200..🤩

16 grams Gorilla glue......40$

25 grams Granddaddy.....100$

20grams Lemon haze....95$

22 grams Super Silver Haze ....110$

24 grams Super Skunk ....120$

21 AK 47 .........…115$

16 grams OG Kush...........90$

17grams Blueberry...........80$

25grams Bubba kush.......135$

10grams Holy Grail OG....19$

26grams Purple haze.......120$

28grams Moonrocks........150$

Whatsapp me if you need any type of drugs job and marijuana oxcodine *Xanax* extacy
CBD oil qualitys from my pharmacy

only text fast and easy on your order via whatsapp +48795260549
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