English Electronic Larynx MicroVOX-NEW 100% Reimbursed NFZ 0
Dodano 2021-10-13 09:37
Koniec 2021-11-12 09:37
English Electronic Larynx in perfect condition. WORKS. NEW
It is one of the most modern and smallest microprocessor devices for the artificial production of the voice
At the same time, it is characterized by very simple operation
and reliable operation
Also for people after tracheotomy
100% refund by the National Health Fund (for Polish citizens)
( standard price with shipping for overseas customers
and the possible duty may be higher - to be agreed by phone
in Polish or English: (0048) 880 558 555 )

100% REFUNDS by the Polish NFZ !!!

Set contains:

- Larynx with Electronic MicroVox
- power supply with battery charger
- power supply: 7.2 V NiMH battery (250 mAh)
- neck strap
- shockproof transport box
- manual user instructions


Simple operation will allow you to concentrate on learning speech without the need for additional adjustments

Two versions of the product - the version for women
is characterized by a higher voice frequency and for men
- a lower frequency

2 years warranty !!!
All repairs should be performed by an authorized service center

Price: PLN 0 ( 0 GBP ) plus shipping costs are covered by the buyer
( from the National Health Fund = NFZ for the Polish citizens )
Price: PLN 1722 ( 331 GBP )
( standard price for Polish and foreign customers without the Polish NFZ )
Tel.: (0048) 880 558 555
e-mail: info@wm.biz.pl
Payment: cash on delivery or to the bank account
Possibility of personal collection in Poland
Possibility of shipping by postal parcel or courier
- the price is covered by the buyer
(cash on delivery, COD - shipment to the address and payment
on delivery or without cash on delivery, COD
- payment to a bank account and shipment to the address)
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