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Koniec 2021-11-12 09:37
English Electronic Larynx in perfect condition. WORKS. NEW
Micro-processor apparatus for artificial voice production
Simple operation and reliable operation
Possibility of external adjustment of all operating parameters
It has frequency regulation - choosing the right tone of speech
and volume control
Also for people after tracheotomy
NFZ REFUND (for Polish citizens)
( standard price with shipping for overseas customers
and the possible customs duty may be higher
- to be agreed by phone in Polish or English: (0048) 880 558 555 )

Set contains:

- electronic HiVox larynx
- power supply with battery charger
- power supply: 7.2 V NiMH battery (250 mAh) pcs. 2
- neck strap
- shockproof transport box
- manual user instructions

Manufacturer's warranty 3 years !!!
All repairs should be performed by an authorized service center

Price: PLN 2400 ( 461 GBP ) surcharge for the patient,
PLN 800 ( 155 GBP ) for reimbursement by the Polish NFZ
Price: PLN 2400 ( 461 GBP )
( standard price for Polish and foreign customers without
the National Health Fund = Polish NFZ )
Tel.: (0048) 880 558 555
e-mail: info@wm.biz.pl
Payment: cash on delivery or to the bank account
Possibility of personal collection in Poland
Possibility of shipping by postal parcel or courier
- the price is covered by the buyer
(cash on delivery - shipment to the address and payment
on delivery or without cash on delivery
- payment to a bank account and shipment to the address)
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