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Stan Używane
Cena 208GBP
Ilość 1
Płatność przy odbiorze
Wysyłka pocztą 42GBP
Wysyłka kurierem 42GBP
Maksymalnie w paczce 1
Dodano 2019-05-12 06:06
Koniec 2019-06-11 06:06
Sphere in very good condition
Old. Small. Whole
It is not known what she was in the past
Maybe it was decoration, jewelry or something else…

The ball is small but very heavy
It's somewhere 1 x 1 cm. Around decorations
At the back of the ball, it shimmers like gold
There's a stone inside - I think it's a rough marble
The whole sphere is surrounded by some metal, maybe bronze
due to a slightly green shade
Of course, the price is negotiable and I will consider every offer

Price: 208 GBP - to negotiate
Tel.: (0048) 515 866 399
(also free Whatsapp conversation)
Payment: cash on delivery, on a bank account,
PayPal or PayU
Possibility of personal collection
The possibility of sending by registered mail, parcel post
or courier
(with or without download)
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