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Cena 7395GBP
Przebieg silnika 171928mi
Rok produkcji 2009
Pojemność silnika 2460cm3
Moc silnika 130KM
Dodano 2019-05-07 16:58
Koniec 2019-06-06 16:58
VOLKSWAGEN Transporter Shuttle 2.5 Diesel, June 2009, body type: MPV
7395 £
- tax due 01 September 2019, MOT expires 14 July 2019.

- grey wrapping

- 2 sets of wheels: summer black aluminium 19 inch and winter silver steel 16 inch

- set of electricity sockets

- front xenon lights + rear xenon lights which I didn't manage to install yet but they're included in the offer

- I will supply one passenger seat which can be installed in the back

- windows' curtains + curtain separating front from the back

- air conditioning working in the whole van, including the rear

- I have invested more than £6.5k in this car within the last 8 months, including change of the gaskets in the cylinder head, cylinder head refacing, change of the dual mass flywheel, change of all 5 unit injectors and lots of more

- I have also installed new door handles, swivel front chair etc.

- oil and all the filters have been changed last month

- dog's cage at the back of the car is big enough for adult german shepherd.

- car's mileage is 171928

- sold as seen

If you are interested please contact me via Whatsapp - 07490476658.
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